Custom Design Process

Design is a process

1. Finding the inspiration, it's easy

Find the pattern, symbol or wording of a period or style that interests you.

Our talented craftsmen can transform any inspiration into unique and timeless

original Jewellery. For example, below we detail a design inspired by an old

Croatian Banknote from 1943.

2. Discover your finger size
Sizing is the most important part of making a repetitious patterned ring, as resizing afterwards can stretch out the design or weaken the ring. There can be more to finding your finger size than you may think.

Click here to read our information on ring sizing

3. Discuss Longevity
The thickness of the ring determines the depth of the carving. If the ring is too thin then the carving will have to be shallow and the pattern will be less prominent.

A thicker ring will allow for deeper more prominent carving of the pattern. The thickness of the band also determines its longevity.

These two rings look identical from this view.                                            From this angle you can see the rings are different thicknesses. 









Although the ring on the right will be cheaper, it will only last a period of time whereas the ring on the left will give the wearer a longer life span. There are a few things in life that you do once, so don’t sell yourself short of a potential heirloom piece. For a lifelong piece the average thickness for a ladies ring is 1.8mm, for a man around 2.2mm

4. Decide the size, width & shape

Trying on rings with different widths will give you a better idea of what width is most comfortable and proportionate to your hand.

We carry a large range of blank rings in many different sizes, shapes and thickness for you to try on and can advise you on the most suitable for your chosen design.

5. Peace of Mind
Once you have chosen your pattern, the width of your ring and discovered your finger size, to give yourself

some peace of mind, on your computer you can scale your image to the desired width and print onto a piece

of paper. Cut out the design and bend around your finger. This will give you an indication of what the ring will

look like.  


6. Pricing
The nature and beauty of all Dallas designs are made proportionate to the individual.

After all of the above has come into consideration we can estimate and confirm the price.

7. Metal Colour
Gold is available in Yellow, Rose or White. There are alternatives to White gold (see plating) such as Platinum or Palladium.

8. Manufacture
On average it takes 4-6 weeks to make a ring to our high quality standard.

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