Dallas J Power March 2012



If jewellery is premade and sold off-the-shelf, the valuation is often just a "guesstimate".

There are methods of disguising imperfections that cannot be picked up, even under magnification, even if performed by the most reputable Valuer.

When your Dallas Designer Jewellery is valued, you can be certain that the diamonds are the ones you have purchased and have been "graded" certified and valued accurately before the ring is made.

Buying a Diamond

​Dallas J Power March 2012


....if a diamonds colour, clarity, carat and cut can be the same on the certification, Why is there hundreds and even thousands of dollars difference from jeweller to jeweller for what is seemingly very similar stones?

Despite all the paperwork can tell you, it’s not until you see the diamond in the flesh and compare it side by side with other diamonds that you can truly see the difference. Some diamonds contain more life, more sparkle that cannot be documented on paper.

Upon determining the shape you desire and your budget we source stones from a large variety of reputable merchants. We can lay them out before you so you can see the difference and have confidence in your decision.

Finding your Finger size
Dallas J Power March 2012

From a jewellers perspective there is no absolute accurate approach for ring sizing, because everyone's body and what feels right to the individual is different.

No jeweller can judge these effects on the individual but the individual themselves. The jeweller can only suggest what is known that could/can affect your finger size. As a guide for the customer to personally weigh up the pros and cons for themselves with guidance. It is for the customer to tell the jeweller what they feel most comfortable with.

We challenge to impress even the most astute buyer or collector.

Meet your Maker
Dallas J Power March 2012

The nature of our fine works is to meticulously craft by engraving, carving, or sculpting each piece proportionately to the client, to maximise the visual impact to the customer’s eye. This is the true beauty and nature of our fine collections.

It is highly recommended to invest the time to visit Dallas at his gallery so you can personally see the beauty of all the coloured gold, platinum and numerous designs available. Not forgetting a rainbow assortment of precious coloured stones pearls and diamonds that Dallas uses.

We challenge to impress even the most astute buyer or collector.

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